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Welcome to CTSA

CTSA provides the highest quality care and best outcomes for patients with diseases of the heart, lungs, and chest. We provide a wide array of surgical care for cardiopulmonary disease, including unique cutting edge procedures not offered elsewhere, with top tier patient outcomes.

Patient Care

We recognize the emotional and family toll that a diagnosis of heart disease or lung cancer carries, and that heart or lung surgery is a major life event. Clear, effective and timely communication and education are the best tools in helping the patient and family understand the patient’s condition, the treatment options, and the expected course of treatment and recovery.

Heart & Aorta

A variety of diseases and conditions can affect the heart. They can be congenital, meaning the patient was born with the condition, or can be acquired as the patient ages. Most adult patients have acquired heart disease such as blockages in the coronary arteries and narrowing or leakage of heart valves. Heart surgery can treat these problems and in most cases provides the most complete and durable treatment available.

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Lungs & Chest

The lungs can be affected by a variety of infections as well as benign and malignant tumors (cancer). Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in America. Many cancers are related to tobacco abuse, however, some are not. Surgical removal of lung tumors offers the highest long-term survival. In addition to tumors, the lungs can be involved by infections that may require surgery to treat the infection.

Hospital Affiliations

To better serve our patients, CTSA provides services at the following locations.

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Colorado Springs

Penrose Pavilion
Main: 719-776-7600
Fax: 719-776-7606
2312 North Nevada Avenue Suite #235
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

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St. Anthony Medical Center, Plaza 2
Main: 720-321-8680
Fax: 720-321-8681
11700 W. 2nd Place, Suite 280
Lakewood, CO 80228

CTSA heart and lung shapes logomark