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Robotic Assisted Thoracic Surgery

Robotic assisted thoracic surgery uses the FDA approved, DaVinci Surgical Robot, which has 10x3D magnification and wrist articulation with 8 degrees of freedom. It provides the same traditional surgery through the most minimally invasive approach. Robotic procedures are performed with improved visualization, more precise movements, less blood loss, less pain, shorter hospital stays, quicker recovery, and an earlier return to work. Dr. Price comes to Colorado as one of only four surgeons in the state performing robotic lobectomies, distinguishing Cardiac & Thoracic Surgery Associates as the only provider in southern Colorado. Robotic lobectomies are very prevalent on the East Coast, but there are only 10 surgeons in the surrounding states (Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas) performing robotic lobectomies. We at Penrose Hospital are so excited to bring this technology to the community of Colorado Springs.