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Wendell “Dan” Danielson
My wife and I first met Doctor Betty Kim on October 11, 2013. When it became clear I would need by-pass surgery, Doctor Simprendorfer, my cardiologist, strongly recommended Dr. Kim. We met her on Friday afternoon. She had surgeries scheduled through the following Thursday but sensing I was anxious to have the procedure as quickly as possible she suggested Saturday morning. Shortly after our discussion I was admitted to the cardiac floor at Penrose Hospital.

I recall feeling badly that she and the team had to do surgery on Saturday morning, but they assured me it was fine with them. From that moment to the present it has been a journey we never could have anticipated. In a word, we are extremely grateful for the ongoing care we continue to receive.

On Saturday, Dr. Kim performed a quintuple heart by-pass. Before the surgery, I told her she was God’s gift to us at a critical time. It did and it has.

The surgery lasted nine hours due to all that needed to be done. That included harvesting of leg vein and mammary artery, ablation for atrial fibrillation, removal of the left atrial appendage and five by-passes.

The fragility of my heart tissues called for extreme care. Dr. Kim and her team more than met the challenge. My waiting family was updated during the procedure. I was in the ICU for four days and the cardiac floor an additional six days. When I returned home Dr. Kim and her staff were in frequent contact with my wife and visiting nurses. During that time I experienced shortness of breath so we returned to the hospital for further tests. I had developed a small pulmonary embolism and fluid around the lungs which they treated successfully.

During my hospital stay Dr. Kim stopped by my room each morning when she wasn’t in surgery and in the evening before leaving the hospital. I was deeply appreciative of these contacts.

The care was beyond what we could have hoped for. After the ICU and cardiac floor I was released to go home. That started the nursing and physical therapist treatments.

When they determined I was ready and off oxygen I went to cardiac rehab. That, too, continues to be a rewarding experience with a dedicated, professional staff. The rehab will end shortly and I’ll be back to the gym and “normal” activity whatever that may be for a 77 year old after by-pass.

When I share with friends my time with Dr. Kim and her staff, they are envious. With good reason. I am an impatient patient so their extra time and care were eagerly accepted.

Thank you Dr. Kim and staff, you have come into our lives at a critical time. Obviously what you have done was literally life changing and we are forever in your debt.

My wife and I have offered “thank yous” but that seems like so little for doing so much. That said, here it comes again. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are way beyond grateful.
Wendell “Dan” Danielson
Hi Patrick, I feel so profoundly happy that I just had to reach out to you and express how thankful and grateful I am to you for my life…the surgical procedure for my Coarctation of the Aorta was my miracle.

From the very first moment I met you in the ER and you explained the birth defect to me, I felt then I was in good hands. Then as the days progressed and the surgery day came & went, I felt that God’s hand had worked divinely through you to bring me healing.

You have such a comforting touch and I could feel your deep concern and amazement that I could still be alive. Right??!! So thank you! (I say you have the nest bedside manner ever!!)

You came into my life just at the right time to perform a miracle…I look at it as “divine timing” – Really, it’s nothing short of amazing & wonderful!!!

You saved my life, Patrick! Thank you!

I mean, really, God used you powerfully to bring healing, health, and wholeness to me. But not just physically, but spiritually.

This whole experience has taken me on a brand new joyful spiritual journey. I’ve always been a deeply spiritual person, and have always known that God was watching over my life, but this has been almost overwhelming and deeply profound…and I am so grateful to you and to God. So thank your for being open to God working through you and allowing God’s hand to work through your hands. You are such a blessing to me and I bless you!

PS – Please tell all of your staff for me thank you as well, they all were so kind and nice to me.
Dr. Mehall: Please let me and my wife (Donna), extend our deepest appreciation, for the open heart surgery you performed on her on 18 April, 2014. You and your team were exemplary. Prior to the surgery, you showed extreme compassion, kindness and was extremely courteous towards me and Donna, in explaining why specific heart problems (new valve, Aortic Artery repair etc.), had to be resolved, in order to extend my wife’s way of life. I truly appreciate your patience, during my anxieties, and helping me to understand the very nature of this critical procedure. You did an outstanding job, and both of us commend you for your knowledge and surgical skills. They are remarkable. If I ever have to undergo any procedure, dealing with any cardio ailment, I wouldn’t hesitate to ask you to perform the procedure. You’re a credit to the profession. Please thank your wonderful surgical staff, as well as Kelly, Lauren, Sarah and Derrick for being understanding, compassionate and caring, during the stressful times, my wife and I went through. Her recovery is remarkable (She’s recuperating fast). I’ve forwarded correspondence to the CEO of the hospital, indicating that you and your staff, as well as the CVU and ICU personnel, should receive some type of commendation, for your professionalism. I only wish more patients and the public would appreciate the sacrifices medical personnel go through, so others can live the prosperous life they choose. Dr. Mehall, Donna and I thank you and we appreciate you as a wonderful human being; and many thanks to your family, who understand the mission you’ve undertaken. They deserve credit as well. Dr. Mehall, thank you and God Bless you.
Frank & Donna Tennyson
Both my wife and I would like you to know how very impressed and grateful we are for the excellent care and treatment we received at Penrose-St. Francis Hospital. The operation and post-op recovery process went just as you had explained in our pre-op meeting.

You and the staff at Penrose Hospital certainly went beyond professionalism during my hospital stay! You and the management of the hospital should be commended for hiring people who really do care about their patients. We consider each and every one of them to be good friends. Merely saying, “Thank You!” just does not seem adequate.

I am currently nearing completion of Phase II cardiac rehabilitation at St. Thomas More Hospital in Canon City. The staff supervising my rehab exercise are also very dedicated and caring individuals. Just as you had predicated back in late August, it looks like I ill complete Phase II around Thanksgiving.

I would hope that we meet again it will be under different circumstances. Please know that we will always be in your debt.
Patient of Dr. Mehall